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LA VANE (2021)


metal, plastic, rubber, ceramic


Height / Width / Depth: 48 x 36 x 22 cm



La Vane is Trini’s younger sister.


They share the same traits.


They grew up together in a tense and restrictive environment due to the pandemic.


La Vane is elegant, well cared for but has that rough and bellicose air that recalls her sister's combativeness.


It is hard, strong and provocative, but it also offers us an image of optimism and hope when we observe the beam of green light that reminds us of Jules Verne and his famous novel "The Green Ray".


With this "optical effect" acting as a point of reference, La Vane invites us to observe it, since according to the most deeply rooted beliefs, whoever observes the green ray during a sunset is a person that is truly in love.


Alluding to love, La Vane shows us her most seductive side and lets us see, with a certain impertinence, an intense and powerful personality.

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