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MARILUZ (2020)

metal, glass, plastic, rubber


Height / Width / Depth: 53 x 29 x 24 cm


Mariluz was born at the end of the confinement, it was spring and she could finally get out.


This wild flower dares, through an intense orange ray, to show us a way out towards hope.


While its lighthouse clearly marks the way and invites you to follow it into an orange sky, its blade-shaped petals seem to give you that push towards optimism.


A beam of light and a ray of hope.


I am seduced and hypnotized by that bright blue dot that combines with its base’s soft pale blue colour.


It gives Mariluz authority and strengthens the dominance of her magic.


Its key-shaped switch recalls those toys that had to be wound up to bring them to life and softens its figure’s sharp shapes.

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