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MAYA (2020)


metal, plastic, rubber, ceramic


Height / Width / Depth: 57 x 28 x 16 cm



Maya is beautiful. It shines. The fragility of the glass contrasts with the hardness of the metal and makes it especially attractive.


Her silhouette’s light blue tones exude generosity and tranquility. They transmit peace and quiet. The calm and serenity with which she welcomes you invites you to rest.


Its ceramic centrepiece gives it an especially warm and affectionate feel when touched while its precious blue glass globes inexorably remind me of the Velvet Underground song, “Pale Blue Eyes”.


They are like the eyes of an insect that could be seeing the world in multicolour.


Maya is a friend, she protects you, reassures you, softens and lights up your surroundings.


The whole world loves her.

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