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MINNIE (2016)


metal, glass, plastic, rubber


Height / Width / Depth: 52 x 30 x 14 cm



Minnie is a nod to Mickey Mouse’s eternal girlfriend and Robby the Robot, the popular character from the movie "Forbidden Planet", a science fiction classic from the 50s.


It has the robot’s eye-catchiness, strength and presence as well as the seduction, attractiveness and affection of the famous cartoon character.


Its charm lies in the harmony of its different elements, powerfully calling our attention to its two prominent headlights admirably combined with the amber light that peeks out from its base.


She oozes charisma and angel.


Her grace and her small size make Minnie an ideal companion, giving you a warm and endearing presence.


The central handle of this piece adds an industrial touch that only reinforces its robust, established and resistant character.

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