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OLYMPIA (2020)


metal, glass, plastic, rubber


Height / Width / Depth: 47 x 58 x 22 cm



The creation of Olympia has been slow and laborious.


I wanted to make a dazzling, brilliant lamp, a fascinating and admirable piece.


The chrome in most of its structure achieves this effect while the glass, in addition to giving the whole piece a certain fragility, which contrasts with its robust personality and hypnotizes us with the beam of green light inside.


Its central axis is strongly reminiscent of an Olympic torch with a glass handle and topped by a domed green “flame”.


It is very robotic-looking and seems to have the ability, like the famous “Transformers” toys, to alter its appearance and change into alternate forms thanks to its two hubcap-made screens.


The shape of its silhouette, as well as its shape and appearance does not leave anyone indifferent, it attracts attention, enchants and gives back sensuality.

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