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SALMA (2016)


metal, plastic, rubber, ceramic


Height / Width / Depth: 55 x 36 x 36 cm



Salma and Alma are twins and they lit our lives in the winter of 2016.


I set out to create two lamps at the same time so the creative process started with the selection of materials.


My first step was to search and choose among all the knick-knacks in my workshop, anything that I had a duplicate of.


Systematically separating all the remarkable pieces, I managed to gather two skeletons that would finally bear a name.


While Salma glows red, Alma glows yellow.


Two warm colours that radiate from its base to its dome.


The twins sit on what was traffic light reflector and their central part is a bicycle hub, which allows you to grip them gently.


When looking at them from under their screen, their robotic appearance draws our attention, gracing them with a verve and a beauty typical of other times.

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