From an early age I was fascinated by tools. I always liked playing with them, assembling and dismantling machines. As an adolescent I took an interest in art and especially in acting. I studied drama in Barcelona and I threw myself into acting, which is my passion.


Over the years, acting has given me a lot of pleasure, but the creative process takes a long time and is quite laborious. So little by little I started repairing objects at home that I had found on the street and started giving them new identities and uses. I found that this activity was a good way to satisfy my artistic restlessness. I didn’t have to depend on anyone else, only my hands and my tools allowing me to express and give shape to feelings and sensations. I managed to develop finished products in a short period of time.


I started accumulating junk; cogs from machines, lights from cars, taps, anything that interested me and I started creating classic, yet innocently styled lamp. Soon, given the excellent reaction they received from people I knew, I started to exhibit and sell them. I love light and atmospheres and maybe this is the reason why I chose to design and make lamps rather than any other object. Lamps decorate and create atmospheres in spaces, and apart from their basic lighting function, I found I could change their shape, modify their intensity with switches hidden in taps or turn a key to switch them on.


I try to avoid a formal approach to the design as I prefer my lamps to be unusual, unique, full of character and I like to think that I give them a soul. I’m inspired by the aesthetics of films such as “Brazil” and of the “La Fura del Baus” and “Royal de luxe” theatre companies. I’m very influenced by industrial aesthetics, factories, machines, robots, cars from the 50’s, and you’ll find something from all of these in the designs of my lamps.


Miguel A. González